Sage Payroll eLearning (Micropay)

Sage Payroll eLearning (Micropay) is a flexible online learning tool to help you understand and operate your payroll software.


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What will I learn?

This course provides a firm understanding of the basic principles of Sage Payroll (Micropay), from navigation through to setting up payments and deductions, processing payroll, absences and holiday tracking and reporting - all within your own time, when it suits you.

Stage 1:

Ideal if you are new to the software, this stage covers the basic principles of Sage Payroll (Micropay) across nine modules, from navigation through to payments and deductions setup to payroll processing and basic reporting.

Stage 2:

This stage enables you to get even greater value from the software. Key topics include processing benefits and entitlements, company level tasks, complex payments and compliance with working time act.

At the end of each stage there is a final online multiple choice test that challenges you to demonstrate how well you now know your software. If you pass the online test, you can download your own eLearning certificate from Sage.

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Stage 1: Learn how to set up and process your payroll
  • Navigation and User setup
  • Company/Payroll Details & Settings
  • Company Payments Set up
  • Pension and Deduction set up
  • Employee and CSO set up
  • Processing Payroll
  • Updating Employee Records
  • Notepad and Past Period Reporting
  • Batch Timesheet Processing
  • Employee Leaving/Suspend Employee
Stage 2: Learn how to process benefits, entitlements and complex payments
  • Process Leavers
  • Suspend Employee, Reinstate & Delete Employees
  • Illness Benefits
  • Redundancy and Bonus Run
  • Multi Timesheets
  • Holiday Tracking
  • Maternity Benefit
  • Company Pay, Average Pay and Formulae
  • Interim Bank Transfer and Split net Pay
  • Working Patterns and Public Holiday Report