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Sage Payroll

Sage Payroll software helps you to process your employees' payroll payments and will help you manage your people more effectively, with ease and at a low cost

Sage Micropay

Sage Micropay

  • Unlimited employees

Micropay supports payroll processing beyond basic requirements while keeping complexities to a minimum to ensure efficient execution of your payroll needs.
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Sage Micropay Professional

Sage Micropay Professional

  • Unlimited employees

Micropay Professional allows you to, quickly and accurately, process complex payrolls through automated batch processing and provides detailed reporting capabilities.
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Sage Micropay

Sage One Payroll

  • Can be up to 15 employees

Easy to use Online Payroll Software for Small Business. Pay up to 15 Employees quickly and easily with no previous Payroll Software experience.
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Sage Micropay

Sage Quickpay

New sales of Quickpay was discontinued from 1st January 2013.
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