Sage 50 Accounts Self-Study Workbooks

Sage 50 Self-Study Workbooks cover everything you need to know to become an expert user of Sage 50 Accounting Software, previously known as Sage 50 Accounts. From guidance on getting started to in-depth information on core functionality, our Self-Study Workbooks let you work at your own pace and become familiar with everything Sage 50 has to offer.

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Each stage includes:
  • 180-day version of Sage 50
  • Practice data so you can try out all of the functionality
  • Four workbooks with free online tests throughout
  • Sage Certification test

By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand the installation procedure for Sage 50
  • Be confident in setting up company information plus nominal, bank, customer and supplier accounts
  • Have learnt how to process period end procedures, including recurring entries, accruals and processing pre-payments
  • Be able to create product records and enter opening balances
  • Learn how to perform a stock take, run the stock period end and stock year end

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Stage 1: Getting started with Sage 50
  • Book 1: How to install and set up your Sage 50 Accounting Software
  • Book 2: How to enter your opening balances
  • Book 3: Starting to enter transactions
  • Book 4: Housekeeping, error corrections and access rights
  • Sage 50c Accounts Certification Level 1 included (RRP €76)
Stage 2: Core functionality of Sage 50 Accounts
  • Book 1: Credit Control
  • Book 2: Month End Procedures
  • Book 3: Reporting, VAT returns and Year End
  • Book 4: Management Information
  • Sage 50c Accounts Certification Level 2 included (RRP €76)
Stage 3: Sage 50c Professional
  • Book 1: Setting up stock and dealing with order processing
  • Book 2: Project costing and invoicing
  • Book 3: Bill of materials, stock pricing and period end
  • Book 4: Periodic routines, quotes/pro forma invoices and foreign trader
  • Sage 50c Accounts Certification Level 3 included (RRP €76)
Stage 4: Product Invoices, Orders and Stock Control
  • Book 1: Product invoices, orders and stock
  • Book 2: Sales orders and foreign currency sales
  • Book 3: Stock take and period end
  • Sage 50c Accounts Certification Level 4 included (RRP €76)